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Launch of My New Web Site dedicated to Women's Health on the auspicious day of Maha Shivratri 2012.

Removal of Largest Ovarian Tumour of India in 14 years old girl. A Mucinous Cyst Adenoma (MCA) of dimension 18 x15x11 cm weighing 2.8 Kg was removed surgically on 3rd January 2012 at Sion Hospital, L T M M College by Dr. Niranjan Chavan, Professor and Unit Head and his team. Patient is a 9th std. Marathi medium student residing at Saki Naka Andheri East in a middle class family. She came with chief complaints of pain in the abdomen and vomiting. It is the first case of large ovarian tumour removal in a perimenarchal age indian girl and 10 th in the World in the category of MCA of Ovarian tumours.

Lecture on  " HPV and Cervical Cancer - Indian Scenario"    at FOGSI Oncology Comm. Workshop on 27th January 2012, and Panelist for Panel discusssion on " Fetal Well being"  on 29th Jan. 2012 at AICOG 2012 Varanasi (U.P). 

Lecture on "Endometrial Cancer " at 40thAnnual MOGS Conference on 7th January 2012 at J W Mariott , Mumbai.
Appreciation Award  for  Lecture at CME  organised by CPS College,Parel on 24th Dec 2011.
Lecture on " Drills in Shoulder Dystocia " at the MOGS Conf. on Safe Pregnancy & labor: The Incredible Journey , on 15th October 2011 at 
 J. W Mariott  Hotel ,Juhu,Mumbai.
Lecture on  " LMWt. Heparin in Pregnancy" at MOGS Outreach Programme at Thane, Vihang Inn. on 24th Sept. 2011. Met many colleagues from Thane, Mulund, etc .

Introduction Of Dr. Niranjan Chavan,Md and Etiology of Pelvic Tumours in Pregnancy on Doordarshan Sahyadri Channel Hello Doctor LIVE TV Show (1)

Dr.Niranjan Chavan,Md discussing Sign's & Symptom's of Tumours in Pregnancy on Doordarshan Sahyadri Channel Hello Doctor LIVE TV Show (2)

Dr.Niranjan Chavan,Md talking on a Rare Case Report of Laproscopic Cystectomy of 28 weeks Ovarian Tumour in Pregnancy and Successful Pregnancy Outcome on Doordarshan Sahyadri Channel Hello Doctor Live TV Show (3)

Dr. Niranjan Chavan talking on Diagnosis, Investigations & Management of Benign and Malignant tumours in Pregnancy on Doordarshan Sahyadri Channel Hello Doctor Live TV Show (4)

Dr.Niranjan Chavan on Hello Doctor talking regarding Safemotherhood Initiatives taken by FOGSI (5)

Answering Query on Fibriod Uterus in Pregnancy and its Management on Hello Doctor 6)

Dr.Niranjan Chavan Advises On Hello Doctor Live TV show of Sahyadri Doordarshan Channel on Tumours in Pregnancy (7)

Dr.Niranjan Answers query on PCOD and its Laproscopic Mangement , Differential Diagnosis of Enlarged Ovary on Doordarshan Sahyadri Channel Hello Doctor Live TV Show (8)

Dr. Niranjan Chavan Discussing Etiology and Complications of Ovarian Tumor and Fibroid In Pregnancy on Doordarshan Sahyadri Channel Hello Doctor Live TV Show (9)

Dr. Niranjan Chavan Answers Query on Tubal Ectopic Pregnancy on Doordarshan Sahyadri Channel Hello Doctor Live TV Show (10)

Dr Niranjan Chavan's Advise on Nutritional Diet in Pregnancy and Early ANC Registration for Safemotherhood on Doordarshan Channel Hello Doctor Live TV Show (11)

Dr Niranjan Chavan Answers Phone Call Query of Patient having Ovarian tumour in Pregnancy on Hello Doctor TV Show Doordarshan Sahyadri Channel Mumbai (12)

Dr. Niranjan Chavan talks about Risk of Abortions and Effects of Tumour (Fibroid, Ovarian ) on Pregnancy and its Treatment on Doordarshan Hello Doctor Live TV Show (13)

Dr. Niranjan Chavan Answers Query of Patient on Prevention and Management of Pregnancy Induced Hypertensiom (PIH) on Hello Doctor Live Tv Show of Doordarshan(14)


lap adhesiolysis

Successful Pregnancy Outcome in a case of Laproscopic removal of 28 weeks Size Ovarian Tumour in Pregnancy. A rare case report in Times of India 23-02-2011

Ovarian tumour removed, woman delivers healthy girl. Article in Hindustan Times on 23rd February 2011

28 Weeks Size Ovarian Tumour in Pregnancy Removal by Laproscopic Method at Sion Hospital:A Rare Case report in India. 15-08-2010 ibnlive

Chairman, Endometriosis Session at MOGS Fibroids Conference at ITC ,Parel , Mumbai on 22 May 2011.

TOT meet of Faculties  at India Habitat Centre , New Delhi org. by FOGSI Safemotherhood Comm. on 15th May 2011.

Lecture on "Management of Ovarian Tumours in Pregnancy"  at Endoworld 2011,  Aurangabad 27th Feb. 2011.
lecture on " TSS " at AICOG 2011 at HICC,Hyderabad on 8th Jan 2011.

Panelist in " RA in Gynaec. Oncology" at Annual Conf. of MOGS,  4th& 5th Dec. 2010, ITC Parel, Mumbai.

Lecture on "Ovultation Induction" at Yuva FOGSI Bhubaneshwar 13th Nov. 2011.

CPS Lecture on ''RA in  IUD , Management of Missing IUD'' on 23rd Aug.10

CPS Lecture on ''Female Tubal Ligation : Methods, Complication and Failure rates'' on 20th Aug.10 

Course Director for First ever MUHS recgd.Certificate Course on "Basic Infertility Management and Endoscopy" Duration :6mnths.
starting 1st August 2010 at LTMM college & Sion Hospital, Mumbai Contact :my Cell. or Dept OBGYN: 022-24076381 

CPS Lecture for FCPS & DGO PG's  on "LAVH"  in July 2010.

FOGSI ''Safe Surgical Practices'' Inaugural Workshop Organised by Pune Obstet. & Gynaec. Society on 21st March 2010 at ICC Tower. Lecture on "Forceps & Vaccum Safe Practises". Organised by President POGS Dr Sanjeev Khurd  &  Secretary Dr Umarji. Vice - President FOGSI ,Dr Tushar Kar.

Associate Professor & Unit Chief,
Dept. of Gynaecolgy and Obstetrics,
(ISO 9001:2000 Certified),
LTMMCollege and General Hospital
Sion ,
Mumbai-400 022.

Medical Director,
Chavan Maternity Nursing Home, 
Off N.S Chavan Rd,
Andheri West,
Mumbai -400 053.

Leimyosarcoma Transferred case for Reexploration done by me on 24th Feb.10.
LAVH on 23rd Feb.10.

CPS Lecture  for DFP students on ''Permanent Sterlization '' on 22 Feb.10.

Chairman, Free comunication paper and Chairman, Symposium Mix bag at 24th ISOPARB- AFG National Perinatology Conference at KDA , Andheri on 21st Feb.10.

CPS Lecture for DFP students on ''Laproscopic Sterlization'' on 19th Feb.10.

FACULTY and Lecture on ''Laproscopic Peritoneal Entry Complications'' at ENDOVISION National Conference organised by FOGSI Endoscopy Committee, IAGE on 13th 14th Feb. 2010 at HOTEL Metropole, Ahmedabad.

Yuva FOGSI Faculty at Nagpur on 6th Nov.09 Lecture on ''Discordant Twins''.

Convenor, Indo-Israel MOGS Workshop on "Contraception and Family Welfare" on 26th 27th Sept 09 at Sion Hospital & ITC Grand Central,Parel.Inaguration by our Dean Dr. Sandhya Kamat.
Panelist on Contraception at ITC Grand Central ,Parel on 27th Sept.09 .

Convenor  ''One day Live workshop on Gynaec Surgery" on 18th August 09 at Sion Hospital from 8.ooam to 4.oo pm. Foreign Faculty is Prof Zubke from Germany cases demonstrated as per availabilty :LAVH/TLH,Bipolar Hysteroscopy,Lap PCOD Drilling, Lap Myomectomy.Chairman: Dr. Y.S. Nandanwar.Inauguration by Dr Sandhya Kamat, Dean, Sion Hospital. 

Guest Lecture at AICOG 09 Jaipur  in Jan 09.

Editor of New & Views,Newsletter of MOGS ,Issue No.2 :Jan.2009 on Cancer Cervix .

Convenor & Speaker at Precongress Workshop 1: Operative Obstetrics on 6th March 09, Sion Hospital :Written Consent

Joint Organising Secretary , 3rd World Congress on Practical Infertilty Management & Human Reproduction ,23rd November 2008.

Chairperson,Workshop on“Caesarean section skills update”at Sion Hospital, Mumbai on 7th June 2008.

MOGS representative to "FOGSI Managing committee" at Nagpur in April 2008.

Convenor and Chairman,on Endoscopy Update on "Infertility and Endometriosis" organised by MOGS at Mayfair Rooms, Mumbai on 10th March 2008.lectures given by Dr D K Tran and Dr .Charles Koh.

Examiner: Case presentation on "Anaemia in Pregnancy" at NA Purandare MOGS Crash Course at Masina Hospital,Mumbai in Febrary 08.

Lecture: "Previous LSCS with Twins and Mode of delivery" faculty at AICOG New Delhi in Feb 2008.

Panelist "Contraception Update" at Mogs Annual Conference at J.W.Marriot Hotel ,JUHU, Mumbai in January 2008.

Debate speaking "FOR" 'Route of delivery should be mothers Choice" at J.W.Marriot Hotel Juhu in March 2007.

Lecture on " Birth weight Discordance .Is it Normal or IUGR Variant? faculty at January AICOG Kolkatta 2007

Lecture on "Chlamydia & Infertility" at 2nd World Congress on Practical Management & Human reproduction at Taj Lands End, Mubai on 19th Nov.06


Chairman "IUI Workshop" at I.E.S Hall, Bandra on 18th Nov.06

WHAT'S NEW? Safe Motherhood Workshop Organised by Dept of Family Wefare and Health,M.P.Govt.At Indore On 27th Oct.06 .Lecture on Anemia Preventable ? Yet a Problem, attended by 200 gynaec.

ICMR,DEPUTY DIRECTOR Shri CHANDER SHEKHAR's ,MD INVITATION TO PARTICIPATE IN INDO-USA Workshop on '',Maternal Mortality & child health infection's, prevention & management '' on 19th,20th.Sept.-06,NEW DELHI.


MOGS PRAMILA BHATIA YOUNG SCIENTIST AWARD 2006 at 34TH Annual Conf.MOGS,Taj Lands End,Mumbai on18th March 06.


SAHRANPUR 11th Dec.2005experience at 6 degree centigrade.with 50 delegates teaching Optimising Labour and Delivery  representing Safemotherhood Committee,FOGSI.


College Of Physicians & Surgeons Lecture   on 23rd Dec 2005 on Adhesion Prevention In Laproscopy.

Saharanpur Soc.Inauguration ceremony

AICOG 2006 Lecture on Optimising Labour & Delivery on 8th Jan 2006, COCHIN.


DR. Niranjan Chavan