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FOGSI Oncology Committee (Jan. 2012-Dec. 2014)

Gynec. Oncology India
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To begin with lets all do some thing for a change in the life of our patients by telling them what is Women cancer and what are the methods for preventing cancer. This site gives dedicated information on Innovations in Oncology and is the sidearm of FOGSI Oncology & Trophoblastic Tumors Committee of which I am the National Chairperson Tenure January 2012 to December 2014.

 Please subscribe for the New letter which will be send to those gynaecologists who will register,login on this site.The Fortnightly Email newsletter will be informative and will highlight guest articles by eminent gynaec oncologists, upcoming events ,reports of Our Committee activities. Their will be a section on HD DVD quality Video on gynaec-onco surgery which can be downloaded too.

Dr Niranjan Chavan,Md National Chairperson, FOGSI Oncology & Trophoblastic Tumours Committee (2012-14)

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